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A Johnson and Johnson ad from the early 1980s (Image source: Reuters)

What is the JnJ COVID-19 Vaccine?

This is from another international experience I had in Daet, Philippines, though the procedure room at Baguio General Hospital was similar to this

Image Source: Getty Images via Fierce Healthcare

Image Source: Patient Engagement HIT via Getty Images

Most of my clinical time has still been in office, but the pandemic did allow some time for me to work from home…and do leisurely reading in pregnancy
Most of my pandemic clinics have been in person, but the occasional working from home gave me time for some leisure reading in pregnancy

First Trimester (weeks 0–14): pregnancy explained

Huffington Post UK

The problem: going to the bathroom at the first sign of bladder urge

Dr. Crumpler, the first Black woman M.D. (left), and Dr. Nunez-Smith, chair of the first COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force

Dr. Rebecca Crumpler, “Doctress of Medicine”

Photo credit: Elana Emar via The EyeOpener

Pelvic Health for Brown Girls

Bill Nye taught me everyone is a shade of brown. This is a forum for all females about all things female. Official blog for Dr. Aldene Zeno MD, urogynecologist.

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